A variety of control modules are provided in BC Modular for the initiation and manipulation of Async parameter control signals.

Module Image
Control 2 LSB14
Truncates a unipolar control signal to repeat 128 times across it's range producing a control output suitable for least significant byte in 14-bit data from MIDI output modules More Info
Control Array
An array which is scalable between 2-128 entries. Takes a control signal at input to select an integer array entry which is then fed to the output. A readout on the module surface can be set to either display this integer value or text for each array index. This module Is compatible with BCM button presets More Info
Control Curve
Applies a curve as defined by realtime controls for type, amount and offset to a control signal. Has reduced resolution compared to regular control signals with only 128 steps in the curve so is best suited to control signals derived from MIDI like velocity and aftertouch More Info
Control Ranger
The Control Ranger is used for defining control ranges to suit different parameter types. It has the same control editing functionality as BCM modules and is compatible with BCM encoder presets. More Info
Control Ranger 8
The Control Ranger 8 has both Async and BC-Pipe connectivity and can be looked upon as two Pipe modules internally connected via eight Control Rangers. More Info
Control Ranger Basic
This module converts from one control range (A) to another (B). Both pairs of Min & Max values which define the two ranges have parameter control connections for realtime adjustment. More Info
Control Ranger Basic S
This module converts from an Async control range (A) to a Sync control range (B). Both pairs of Min & Max values which define the two ranges have parameter control connections for real time adjustment. More Info
Ctrl Smooth S
Applies a variable amount of smoothing to Sync signals. Especially useful on frequency parameter controls to reduce audible stepping which can occur when the control source is low resolution More Info
Joystick A
A 4-axis joystick which can either be controlled with the mouse or via windows compatible game controllers. Selection from up to eight connected game controllers per instance while internal control resolution of the module auto-updates to match the chosen controller. More Info
Converts between BC-Pipe and eight individual Async connections More Info